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Meet the Professor Deadline: March 30, 2018
“Meet the Professor” session which will provide valuable interaction among 6 renowned experts and enthusiastic participants.
Please be aware that these are small sessions with limited attendance (about 10-15 people among junior faculty, fellows and residents) and are intended to give participants the opportunity to have interactive discussion with the faculty regarding challenging issues and interesting topics in gastric cancer. Lunch will also be included.

If you would like to join a “Meet the Professor” session, please submit your application to the secretariat office by e-mail ([email protected]) by March 30, 2018.
Confirmation of your session attendance will be informed by e-mail before the congress.

To ensure your seat, please apply as early as possible.

April 26 (Thu.), 12:10-13:10

  • Arnulf H. Hölscher
  • Simon Law
  • Jae-Ho Cheong
Session Code Venue Session Title Session Addressor Affiliation CV
MTP1 Hotel 3F, 4F Decision making on the extent of resection in adenocarcinoma of the gastroesophageal junction. Arnulf H. Hölscher Agaplesion Markus Hospital, Germany cv
MTP2 Hotel 3F, 4F To be an academic surgeon Simon Law The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong cv
MTP3 Hotel 3F, 4F Molecular subtyping and patient-derived model enabled Precision Oncology Jae-Ho Cheong Yonsei University, Korea cv

April 27 (Fri.), 12:50-13:50

  • Patrick Tan
  • Yasuyuki Seto
  • Keun Won Ryu
Session Code Venue Session Title Session Addressor Affiliation CV
MTP4 Hotel 3F, 4F Unanswered questions in gastric cancer biology Patrick Tan National University of Singapore, Singapore cv
MTP5 Hotel 3F, 4F Educational system to be a great surgeon Yasuyuki Seto The University of Tokyo, Japan cv
MTP6 Hotel 3F, 4F The concept and technical details of sentinel node navigation surgery in early gastric cancer Keun Won Ryu National Cancer Center, Korea cv