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Under the theme of ‘SHARE the BEST!’ professionals from the area of Gastric Cancer will gather together with the goal of the further development and future success of related fields. This education session is aimed at all medical personnel who are interested in gastric cancer.

Especially, I we would like to welcome young doctors from all around the world.

Invited Speakers in this session are equipped with expert knowledge and experience in gastric cancer. They will cover all areas, from the causes of gastric cancer to the diagnosis, surgery and post-operative anticancer treatments. We welcome everyone who wants to learn about gastric cancer, from the basics to advanced levels.

We are also preparing a special Quiz Festival based on the contents from the Education Session. Winners will get very valuable prizes.

We hope that many of you will participate. Come and share together!

Education 1: Basic for gastric cancer treatment

Date & Time April 26 (Thu), 13:10-14:40 Venue Room D
  • Pathologic classification of Gastric cancer
    Hye Seung Lee, Seoul National University
  • Endoscopic and EUS findings for gastric cancer
    Jun Haeng Lee, Sungkyunkwan University Samsung Medical Center
  • Initial considerations for radiologic evaluation in gastric cancer
    Se Hyung Kim, Seoul National University Hospital
  • Surgeons' perspective for pre-operative preparation gastric cancer treatment
    Jeong-Hwan Yook, University of Ulsan

Education 2: Standard treatment techniques in gastric cancer 1

Date & Time April 26 (Thu), 15:00-16:30 Venue Room D
  • Standard endoscopic treatment for gastric cancer
    Hwoon-Yong Jung, University of Ulsan
  • Standard method for lymph node dissection overall concept
    Han-Kwang Yang, Seoul National University
  • Standard lymph node dissection for open Distal gastrectomy
    Cho Hyun Park, The Catholic University of Korea
  • Standard lymph node dissection for open Total gastrectomy
    Sung Hoon Noh, Yonsei Cancer Center

Education 3: Standard treatment techniques in gastric cancer 2

Date & Time April 27 (Fri), 09:00-10:30 Venue Room D
  • Standard lymph node dissection for Lap. Distal gastrectomy
    Hyung-Ho Kim, Seoul National University
  • Standard lymph node dissection for Lap. Total gastrectomy
    Young-Kyu Park, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital
  • Decision for resection extent and various anastomosis in gastric cancer
    Tae Sung Sohn, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Overview of post-gastrectomy complications
    Chan-Young Kim, Chonbuk National University

Education 4: Management following the surgery

Date & Time April 27 (Fri), 10:50-12:20 Venue Room D
  • Adjuvant & neoadjuvant chemotherapy
    Yung-Jue Bang, Seoul National University
  • Post-chemotherapy side effects and management
    Sang Cheul Oh, Korea University
  • Strategies to optimize post-operative nutrition in gastrectomized patients
    Seung-Wan Ryu, Keimyung University
  • Making optimal post-operative surveillance strategy after gastric cancer treatment
    Hoon Hur, Ajou University Hospital